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We enjoy producing wines that people love to drink. Wines that are a good value and express the true character of each grape varietal, with no chemicals, no sulfites. Our wines are full of character, robust and earthy, expressive and memorable, complex and enjoyable! We share our passion for making the finest organic wine possible.

Welcome to our website. With great pleasure we share the story of our life's endeavor.

We are proud to bring local wines to downtown Chico for the convenience of all to enjoy. We welcome visitors from everywhere to come taste a true organic wine experience! Like us on Facebook to keep up-to-date on tasting room events and offerings.

Come enjoy the luxury of our local estate-bottled fine wines in the comfort of our new Wine Tasting Room:

LaRocca Vineyards Organic Wine Tasting Room
222 W. 2nd Street
Downtown Chico
Open Weds – Fridays 1:30-8pm
Saturdays 12 noon – 8pm
Sundays 1:30-6pm

SEPTEMBER 2012 — LaRocca Vineyards 2012 harvest began on labor day, the fruit was perfect in both the science and art world of wine. As the sun peeked over the Sutter Buttes, the smallest mountain range in the world, the pickers set out to hand harvest the bounty of our 50 acre Chardonnay vineyard. With an above average yield and exceptional quality, it is a vintage year for LaRocca Chardonnay.

Following the Chardonnay harvest was our young Zinfandel Vineyard. Our original Christian Brother clone Zinfandel was hand rooted by LaRocca Vineyards to save this lost clone. An abundant harvest it is, the zinfandel juice is tasting sweet and the wine fermenting beautifully. We are very pleased!

We have over 7500 gallons of CCOF/USDA certified organic wines fermenting in our winery. The beautiful aroma of fermenting juice is the glory of our labor. In Forest Ranch our 110 acres awaits harvest, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Pinot Noir hang on the vine as the brix rise to desired ripeness.

This year LaRocca Vineyards planted Sangiovese, Barbera, Malbec and Petite Sirah in our Doe Mill Ridge Vineyard in Forest Ranch. Adding to our line of organic wines will give customers options and variety when wanting organic reds with no sulfites added. The LaRocca family settles in on the porch watching the orange and red colors in the sky as the sun sets over the vineyard. The third generation sways back and forth on the rope swing hanging from the old Oak tree, with grape juice on their lips, dirt in their hands and laughs echoing through the vineyard. Long harvest days are short lived and relished, especially when the year is as exceptional as this one. It calls for a glass of wine to settle in and relax before the next day begins. Cheers!

We proudly offer true organic wines from our winery to you!
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